Refill your prescription

Get the free IDA app and refill your prescription in a few taps

As always, you can also call 226 662 7000 for prescription refills.

Visit the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store


Once you’ve downloaded the app, create a profile and select Meaford IDA as your preferred location.

To enter a new prescription

1) Click the pill icon at bottom right.

2. Select “Add to list”

3. Enter the details as requested (i.e. prescription number in line 1 and name of medication in line 2).

How to find your prescription number

4. Follow the remaining prompts

To refill a prescription already entered into the app

1. Select prescriptions from the bottom display, and select the prescription you’re refilling.

2. Tap “Refill Prescription”

3. Be sure to enter preferred pick up time

4. Follow all remaining prompts
Please give us at least 24 hours for all app refill requests

We are available to provide assistance or training with the app in store.

As always, you can also call 226 662 7000 for prescription refills.

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